In a social environment pervaded by polarized division and accelerated by confirmation bias and the dismissal/discrediting of oposing arguments I draw inspiration and solace in the beauty of opposing/contrasting design. Contrasts including industrial versus the natural world and geometric vs organic, all working together to create a visually balanced form. There is something comforting in the balance an symmetry of large functional jars. By incorporating balance in contrast I hope to provoke empathetic reflection.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the human race is our diversity. Diversity in knowledge,  interests, strengths, and opinions contribute to success and advancement as a species. The goal in my work is to encourage the viewer to see the beauty and importance of balanced contrast and to encourage conversation on an individual level. Conversations are not about being the loudest, but acknowledging/respecting the opposition and breaking down divisive barriers

I coil-throw high-fire stoneware on a potters wheel and make large-scale fermentation jars. Fermentation is an art of aging and altering certain foods using fermentation/curing locks. I hope the viewer will consider the surface and dorm along with the contents. No real progress is made instantly, rather over the intentional proccess of many months or years. My goal in thos body of work is to show the viewer how multiple forces can work together to create a succressful result. The work I make is a theapeuti proccess for myself, and also a very personal form of social commentary.